Tech Co-founder – Watch before you leap.

tech co-founderHave you heard many times, I’ve this killing idea; I just need a technical co-founder, Will you jump in to the ship for a hard voyage? Then keep read on.

Keep that in your mind, the idea is just a part of successful product. May be you can say it will contribute 5% of a product. When someone says “this is unique idea, don’t tell anyone”, he should be the most stupid you ever faced. Just carry on with your business.

There is nothing called unique in Idea. There were lots of search engines before and after Google. There were lots of social networks before and after Facebook. (Remember LinkedIn Started an year before Facebook). The idea is not your product, but the ability to sustain and keep innovates will yield your product. In short it is all about implementation. Remember the tech co-founder is that implementation guy.


Before you jump in to be part of any voyage, here are some of the checklists for you.

Ask these following questions.


What the “Idea” guy bring in to the table?

The non-tech co-founder should have the following skills.

  1. Strong domain understanding and the ability to innovate on their domain.
  2. Should have strong connection and network with in his domain
  3. Strong Sales and Marketing experience. (This is the must)
  4. Strong vision about his product and what he wants to take the product in next three years.
  5. Ability to understand and respect technical difficulties
  6. Strong user experience sense and ability to create wireframe


   What is that “idea?” 

  1. Do you feel the idea is sustainable? As a user or a potential user, will you use it?
  2. Does the idea solve any real world problems?
  3. How realistic the idea is?
  4. Will your life become lot better with that product?


What is the benefit for me?


  1. You are my tech co-founder, CTO. You will hold 2-3 % stack in the company. Just get lost. There is no point of to be in part of it with those marginal profits and spending your valuable time. Instead you could solve challenging problem in or help people in
  2. Are you getting a good pay for your consulting. Does that money worth of your time. If not keep move on.


If your checklist gives negative marks all the way through, There are enough technical challenges to be solved in the world to better the human life. Just don’t waste your time.



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