how to get idea for your killer products!!!

Every one wants to build something special. We want to get the pride of being listed in popluar blogs like techcrunch and been known for their passion. But how do can I really design a killer products? where I can get the idea? Do i need to be a tech giant? do I need to be a marketing geek? was Zuckerberg is a marketing genious? was Jobs a tech geek? Where they all these ideas from?

To do that you need to understand what kind of products been stand out in the business. Take down products like groupon, Ipod, facebook even google. They are all the product which serves the basic needs for mankind and makes their life better. Your product should be the one which makes people life lot easier and happier. Eventually it will make them to live along with the product. Can you live with out search something on google or checking what your remote friends doing on the facebook?

So how can we design a product like that. It is just around you only. In our life each and every moment we are consuming information. Whenever you talking to people or seeing something you are actually consuming information. Our brain is the bigger consumer of information than any other devices that exist in this world and it has also deep deep storage. Now if you can listen and analysis what information you are consuming and can we do things better with the technology around us that makes the killer product.

I realized this when i think of developing a auto sharing mobile app. I supposed to get back to my home and it is almost 10 miles away from where I am standing and the fare is bit expensive. I am preety sure there was a huge crowd waiting for bus to go near my place. I just thinking how good it is if someone going on that way or atleast half the way and share fare with me. But how can I ask to the huge crowd over there. Would it be nice if I have an app which checks my way and suggest me to share someone with me and create a quick network with people.

It is all simple to create idea for a product. Listen what you are consuming do some kind of mining and examine the available technology around you and there you are the idea for your next killer product ready.

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